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Procreate School is a place where you can learn to use Procreate app from scratch and create professional artworks right on the iPad. Explore new techniques and apply your skills with hands-on projects to build a portfolio that showcases your professional readiness for a creative career. You can learn at your own pace, whenever it’s most convenient for you with an easy-to-follow method.

About Procreate app

Unleash your creative potential

Discover new skills, explore new passions and get lost in creativity. You’ll learn how to complete the illustration process from beginning to end, no prior experience necessary to get started.

Who it's made for


Learn how to create digital art using Procreate app from the beginning. No prior experience needed. Discover a creative profession and create first works in your portfolio.

Aspiring illustrators

Learn new tools, practice and organise your knowledge. You will be able to create illustrations in different styles and get ready to work professionaly.

Experienced illustrators

Level up your illustration and animation techniques. Master your Procreate skills to deliver world class works and advance your career.

What you will learn

Discover Procreate tools

You will get familiar with all the essential tools, many advanced techniques and some hidden tricks that you will be able to apply in your drawing process.

Create illustrations from scratch

By following our step-by-step video tutorials you will practice creating complex illustrations from start to finish using only your iPad and Procreate app.

Use Procreate professionally

While taking this course you will learn the process of producing multi-purpose and commercial-ready digital art, and create first works in your portfolio.

Create animations

Learn how to liven up your art with animations in Procreate. Discover the possibilities of the tools and learn the techniques that can take your creativity further with motion graphics.

Develop your own style

You will practice and acquire skills in creating artworks in different drawing styles. This will enable you to be flexible with choosing or finding the style that suits you best.

Connect with other creatives

You will get access to our private Facebook group with other aspiring artists to share experiences and discuss your progress during the course.

Our students work in leading companies

Get the Procreate School certificate that will be a confirmation that you’ve completed our online course.
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An effective way of learning

Video lessons

The curriculum consists of over 50 easy-to-follow video lessons.

Lifetime access

When you enroll you are granted full lifetime access to the platform.

Track your progress

You will be able to track your progress of the course completion on every stage.


Do your homework after the lessons to practice and learn efficiently.

Summary of what you will study

The lessons are easy-to-follow and require you to practice. After a successful completion, you will be able to draw your own artworks of any complexity.

Part 1Procreate tools
Part One

Learn everything about drawing on iPad

In this part, you will get familiar with all the essential tools of Procreate, many advanced techniques and some hidden tricks that you will be able to apply in your drawing process.

Layer system
Alpha lock
Clone tool
Assisted drawing
Clipping mask
Smudge tool
Lessons in this module
28 lessons
  • 1. Intro
  • 2. First opening (Gallery)
  • 3. Creating a new document
  • 4. Menu – quick overview
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Part 2Learn how to illustrate in Procreate
Part Two

Learn how to illustrate in Procreate

In the second part, you will learn how to create professional illustrations from scratch. You will be able to follow the process step-by-step and create your own version of it.


Create a complex illustration


Acquire outline
style skills

Lessons in this module
18 lessons
  • 1. Intro
  • 2. Concept + Draft Sketch
  • 3. Finalized Sketch
  • 4. Raccoon’s Head
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Part 3Drawing sessions
Part Three

Drawing sessions

In this type of lessons, you will be able to see and follow along the full process of creation a series of fun illustrations based on the skills that you've already learned from the previous chapters.

Lessons in this module
4 lessons
  • 1. Intro
  • 2. Monkey
  • 3. Castle
  • 4. Pigeon
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Part 4Bring life to your art with animations
Part Four

Bring life to your art with animations

In this part, you will learn and practice how to create animations in Procreate app on the real example. No background in motion graphics is required. Creating animations in Procreate is really fun and after completing this block you will be able to liven up any illustration that you create in the future.

Lessons in this module
8 lessons
  • 1. Intro
  • 2. Animation Preparations
  • 3. Guidelines for the Steam Animation
  • 4. Steam Animation
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Part 5Master the motion skills
Part Five

Master your motion skills

In this part, you will dive deeper in learning and training more complex techniques of animating in Procreate. Practice creating seamless looping animations to take your art to another dimension.


Advanced animation


Bird animation

Lessons in this module
7 lessons
  • 1. Design the jellyfish and its movement
  • 2. Coloring the jellyfish
  • 3. Adding glowing the jellyfish
  • 4. Finalizing the animation by adding details
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BonusAdditional resources

Additional resources

Enjoy the extra resources that will boost your creative process. The assets include a premium brush set, many Procreate source files for practice and access to the private group.

Premium brushes for Procreate

Boost your creative process and elevate your art to the next level with this complete set of premium brushes for Procreate.

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Procreate source files

Download & study the source files

See the layer structure, customise and do your own experiments with the already made artworks.

Facebook group

Join the private community

Get access to the private Facebook group to get help and share experience.

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About the instructor

Alex Kunchevsky - a graphic designer, illustrator and animator. He’s been using Procreate to create artworks for brands like Google, ClickUp and Discord. Besides getting great experience in creating digital art, he has developed his own process in working with Procreate which enables him to implement any creative idea he has in his head easy and fast. With an efficient approach and his passion to teaching, he has already helped over 100,000 students across the world master digital illustration in Procreate.

What our students say

Sabrina Johnson

Amazing Course!...

The course is just amazing! Alex is the best teacher. The instructions are very clear and easy to follow and...
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Johan Gomez

I love this school...

Thank you Procreate School team for creating this awesome course! I’m so happy with my progress and results!...
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Olivia Douglas

Best drawing cours...

The instructions are easy to follow and I love how everything is explained with accompanying real examples. ...
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Mila Myers

The course is grea...

Two weeks ago I bought my very first iPad and enrolled into this course. It was the best decision I made thi...
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What equipment do I need?
To get started you only need to have an iPad with Apple pencil and Procreate app. You can see the full list of iPads that support Procreate here.
Can I get a free trial?
Procreate School doesn't offer a free trial period. However, you can download a free chapter which is an example of our typical lesson.
How long does it take to finish the course?
It really depends on your commitment, it might take from weeks to months to finish the course. You can study when you have time and at your own pace.
What languages are supported?
The course is completely in English language. Also, all lessons have English subtitles.
What if I never tried drawing before?
The curriculum is very beginner-friendly, you don't need prior experience in drawing. Our Procreate class fits every level of artistic background: from complete beginners who want to become digital artists, and to professional illustrators who want to improve their knowledge.
Can I study offline?
Yes, you can watch the lessons offline via Teachable app on iOS.
Will I get a certificate?
Yes, every student is granted a personal certificate after completing 100% of the curriculum. Learn more about our certificates here.